The EQ Interview

The EQ Interview: Finding Employees with High Emotional Intelligence
Adele B. Lynn. Amacom, $16 paper (192p)
ISBN 9780814409411

Lynn offers guidance to hiring managers and interviewers on assessing emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies of job candidates. Citing studies that show that high EQ is as necessary as strong technical skills, the author explores the five key areas of EQ: self-awareness, empathy, social expertise, personal influence and mastery of purpose and vision. In addition to detailed descriptions of each facet of EQ competency, Lynn also provides interview questions for each area and key points to consider when assessing answers. Particularly helpful is the chapter on EQ frauds and other warning signs, which examine suspicious behaviors such as stating unrealistic job responsibilities given the candidate's job title, claiming all the credit, providing textbook answers, sounding like a victim, blaming others, and many more.

"Helpful appendices extract key information from the book for easy reference. Well-written and thorough, this book will be helpful to anyone looking to make better hiring decisions, especially those new to the interviewing process."
- Publisher's Weekly -


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