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Certification for HR Professionals

What is A Different Kind of Smart™ Training Certification?

A Different Kind of Smart™ certification:

  • Our curriculum is extremely practical and can be applied with leadership at all levels of the organization and also with employees

  • Our materials, curriculum and assessment have been used in all types of organizations and industries including manufacturing, finance, health care, technology, education, research and government.

  • All curriculum materials are provided, including videos, Powerpoints and exercises and workbooks which provide you with an easy to administer course – you’ll have over 24 hours total of curriculum materials.

  • Our curriculum is the only curriculum that is integrated with a fully validated 360 so that the model that the participant sees in assessment and training are one.

  • Our materials are available in several languages and facilitated throughout the world.

What is A Different Kind of Smart™ Coaching Certification?

The Coaching Certification focuses on the same information contained in the Training Certification, but with a focus on how to use the tools in a coaching engagement. 

What is A Different Kind of Smart™ Index for Emotional Intelligence Certification?

The Lynn Leadership Group Index for Emotional Intelligence is unique among 360 products offered.


When the participant receives feedback on the Index for Emotional Intelligence, he or she not only walks away with his EQ strengths and areas for improvement, but unique insight into what drives his or her behavior.  Participants learn about important triggers or voices that contribute to their behavior AND important insights about how to improve. The feedback and coaching session using the assessment results begins and escalates the journey of self-awareness.


Three day certification includes the following:

  • Understanding the concepts of emotional intelligence measured in the 360° online assessment – Index for Emotional Intelligence (IEI)

  • How to interpret the results of the Index for Emotional Intelligence

  • How to use the on – line tool and administrative portal

  • How to give feedback on the IEI using a process that not only provides feedback, but helps the participant understand his/her behaviors and the particular drivers that influence his or her behavior.

  • Proven and tested coaching methods to help internal or external clients improve EQ following the IEI using a seven step easy to use process for developing emotional intelligence with your clients following the IEI

  • How to prepare participants for the 360° process.

  • How to demonstrate the link between emotional intelligence and job performance for the participant.

  • How to develop action plans based on the assessment results.

  • Psychometrics related to the IEI

  • How other companies are using emotional intelligence tools as part of talent development strategies


We offer some certifications remotely.  Contact us for more information - 724-929-5352. 
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