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Index for Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional intelligence is a proven gateway to improved leadership performance. The Index of Emotional Intelligence (IEI) is an easy to use assessment that offers leaders of all levels in the organization - team leaders, front line supervisors, managers, project managers and executives - a way to measure their emotional intelligence.


The Index for Emotional Intelligence (IEI) Measures 5 Factors:

  • Self-Awareness and Control

    • self-awareness and self-control

  • Empathy

    • listening to and understanding the perspective of others

  • Social Expertness

    • social bonds, organizational savvy, collaboration and conflict resolution

  • Personal Influence

    • influence of others, influence of self 

  • Mastery of Purpose

    • knows purpose, takes actions toward purpose


IEI Versions We Offer

360 Assessment: The validated online 360 assessment includes approximately 60 questions and is based on solid research that links emotional intelligence to leadership performance.


The online 360 Assessment can provide professionals, leaders, and high potential employees with a view of emotional intelligence in five separate areas: self-awareness and control, empathy, social expertness, personal influence, and mastery of vision.


The online 360 Assessment is available in multiple languages.


Self-Assessment: Our self-assessment provides a training readiness tool for trainers and coaches. 


The self-assessment is available as an online assessment, a module that can be included in e-learning programs, and in a paper and pencil version that is available in multiple languages.  



Contact us for more information on the IEI Assessment that is right for your organization.
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