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Our Philosophy

Our Services

Consultation - We can help your in-house team develop your employees and leaders in the three key areas of high trust relationships, emotional intelligence, and mentoring.  Our consultation services take into account your present organizational culture, your desired business goals, and your systems and processes.


Execution and Delivery - We help companies execute their emotional intelligence strategies in a multitude of ways including:

  • Assessment: We offer both 360° assessment and self assessment in the area of emotional intelligence. The Index for Emotional Intelligence is an on-line, easy to administer, fully validated assessment of emotional intelligence.

  • Training and Development:  We offer training and development materials and services on emotional intelligence, trust and mentoring.

  • Coaching:  We offer a coaching process for your coaches or internal hr staff based on our proven 7 step model. 

  • Mentoring and Peer Coaching Initiatives:  We have extensive experience in designing mentoring and peer coaching initiatives and training for an extensive array of customers.  










At the heart of all outstanding organizations is a culture that promotes productivity and quality by valuing and creating trusting relationships at all levels of the organization.  Regardless of how sound the business practices are, the business will be limited in growth and profit potential if strategies for integrating and valuing all people are not a part of the plan.


We focus on helping leaders forge trusting relationships through demonstrating daily a high degree of emotional intelligence.  We believe that when leaders at all levels of the organization are capable of maintaining and sustaining high trust relationships based on emotional intelligence, businesses are able to concentrate on matters of importance and fulfill their commitments.


Our products and services focus on three specific areas:

1) Developing high trust relationships in all areas of the business

2) Emotional intelligence as a critical tool for building trust and maintaining relationships

3) Creating high trust mentoring at all levels for transferring important workplace values and knowledge.

HR Partner Services

We will partner with your human resource professionals to deliver and execute high trust, mentoring and emotional intelligence within your leadership and organizational development activities.  We offer the following:


  • Certifications – We offer certification processes to meet the needs of your in-house human resource staff in order to equip them with the proper knowledge and tools to effectively execute and deliver emotional intelligence, mentoring and high trust initiatives throughout your organization. 

  • Training and Curriculum Custom Design - We will work to design or consult with your internal development staff to incorporate high trust, emotional intelligence or mentoring concepts into your existing curriculum.  We are happy to work with you to custom design training that will work for your organization.  Our design philosophy extends far beyond the traditional skill practice design because the nature of emotional intelligence and trust demands another type of learning approach.

  • HR Coaching - We can serve your human resource and organizational development professionals in a coaching and mentoring capacity to increase their skills so that they can provide in-house coaching to your internal clients.

  • HR Guidance on EQ Interviewing and Selection– Based on The EQ Interview, our founder’s newest book on how to interview candidates to determine emotional intelligence, The Adele Lynn Leadership Group provides hiring managers and recruiters valuable information to use in the interview or high potential selection process.

  • Training and Keynote Services - If you prefer to outsource your training services or you require a keynote on the topics of mentoring, emotional intelligence or high trust, we can serve you in this capacity








The Adele Lynn Leadership Group offers a wide variety of high quality products that are also available to enhance your training and development efforts.  A sampling includes:


  • Index for Emotional Intelligence 360° Assessment

  • Index for Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment

  • A Different Kind of Smart - Self Development Guide

  • Mentoring:  Passing on the Torch

  • A Different Kind of Smart - Participant Guide

  • In Search of Honor – Lessons From Workers on How to Build Trust, by Adele B. Lynn

  • 50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence by Adele B. Lynn

  • A Different Kind of Smart - Video based learning scenarios

  • The EQ Difference, by Adele B. Lynn

  • Coaching Guide for Emotional Intelligence, by Adele B. Lynn

  • The EQ Interview, by Adele B. Lynn

  • Quick EQ Activities for Busy Managers, by Adele B. Lynn

















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