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The EQ Difference: A Different Kind of Smart™

At the heart of all outstanding businesses is a culture that promotes productivity and quality by honoring people and creating trusting relationships at all levels of the company.  Without leaders who can forge the right climate, organizations are limited and distracted by events and symptoms that dampen morale and discourage the attainment of business goals. 


Emotional intelligence is the essential building block in the leaders' ability to establish the right climate for businesses to succeed. Leaders at all levels of the organization, from front line supervisor to CEO, must demonstrate a high degree of emotional intelligence in their leadership roles.  A Different Kind of Smart™ demonstrates the direct link between emotional intelligence and leadership performance and gives leaders specific ways to improve their performance. 


A Different Kind of Smart™ participants will:

  • Learn the result of research that demonstrates financial and other performance results that can be achieved when high emotional intelligence is applied in the workplace

  • Learn about the link between emotions and performance in the people you lead

  • Learn about the link between emotions and performance in your performance as a leader

  • Learn about the five aspects of emotional intelligence and how each one impacts your performance in a different way

  • Learn a seven step process to improve emotional intelligence

We offer Emotional Intelligence training for all levels of the organization.  Contact us for more information. 
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