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Who We Are

Lynn Leadership Group, LLC is an international consulting and training firm with certified partners throughout the globe. 

Janele R. Lynn

Janele Lynn is the owner of Lynn Leadership Group and in her role provides support to our strategic partners, developing our product lines, as well as delivering training and facilitation services.  She has provided her expertise in emotional intelligence and mentoring to clients such as Bechtel Bettis, Hansgrohe, Lockheed Martin, Crossroads Programs, Texas Children’s Hospital and DDI.  She has recently developed a pilot mentoring and career development program for millennials called “Blind Leading the Blind or a Brilliant Use of Millennial Talent?” that has received international recognition. She has previously worked as a Human Resources professional and acquisition specialist for Transformation Advisors and has provided program and project support for various clients including Task Force to Support Business Stability Operations (TFBSO), Cash Off the Battlefield (COTB), Iraqi Transportation Network (ITN), and Al-Seqir Express Cargo Ltd. Janele has also worked with the Defense Business Transformation Agency on the Defense Agencies Initiative project as part of the program management office providing program support and control. Janele provided acquisition support to the DAI Systems Integration Acquisition throughout source selection and the initial program launch.  Janele has done published research focused on defining and measuring tangible linkages between supply chain implementations and financial gains. Janele’s first EQ book, The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit, will be released Fall 2015.










Adele B. Lynn

Since 1982, Adele has served as the founder of Lynn Leadership Group, LLC  (formerly The Adele Lynn Leadership Group and Lynn Learning Labs), an international consulting, coaching and training firm. Her business focuses on helping individuals and organizations forge trusting relationships and improve productivity and quality through improvements in emotional intelligence and workplace trust.  Her work on emotional intelligence is offered through strategic intellectual property partners throughout Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


Adele is the author of 7 books published in 15 languages.  Her book, In Search of Honor, Lessons From Workers on How to Build Trust has been critically acclaimed by several sources including the Dallas Morning News who calls it “a little gem of a book.”  Her book, The EQ Interview has been featured as the cover story for Harvard Management Update.   She has also authored two e-learning programs including, Mentoring: Passing on the Torch that won the Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring.  Her books for trainers and coaches are 50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence in Leaders, which has consistently been a best seller in training and development publications and The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book, which has received international acclaim and has been published in five languages.  She also has developed a training and certification program for coaches and trainers titled A Different Kind of Smart - Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work™.  Publisher’s Weekly praised Adele’s newest book, The EQ Interview, as “Well-written and thorough, this book will be helpful to anyone looking to make better hiring decisions.” Adele’s newest book, The EQ Interview, Finding Employees with High Emotional Intelligence, has been endorsed by Society of Human Resource Management. 


Her clients include organizations such as:  ADP, Lightspeed, Boeing, USAA, Johnson and Johnson, Bayer, Sysco, Fiserv, Westinghouse, Bekaert, Hansgrohe, Ellwood Group International, University of Cincinnati, Inova, St. Luke’s Health System, Electro-Glass Manufacturing, Corning, Inc., The Washington Group, West Virginia University Hospital, High Mark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Pa, Illinois, Arkansas and Texas, Doctor’s Eyecare Network, Cleinman, Texas Children’s Hospital, St. Tammany, Federal Reserve Bank, Bank One, KeyBank, Wachovia, Federal Home Loan Bank, International Center for Creativity, Fifth Third Bank, Honeywell, McDonald Investments, UPMC, Integra Care, Redstone Highlands, American Society of Quality, Association of Quality and Participation, Oncology Nurses Society, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Defense Acquisition University, SAI, Altran, DDI International, and Carnegie Mellon.


Adele lectures at numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States.  She is also a frequent guest on radio talk shows and TV shows throughout the United States and Canada. She is a member of the National Speakers Association. Adele has received distinguished alumni awards at both her graduate and undergraduate institutions including the Meritorious Scholar Award and the Meritorious Award.  

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